Blue Verve Wants You to Take Charge of Keeping Your Community Clean

Having a clean and cared for neighborhood benefits everyone in your community. Besides being an eye-sore, litter and waste disrupt ecosystems, negatively affect the environment, and pollute our oceans.

While the Blue Verve Project is based in mountainous Colorado, our waterways connect us to the ocean. No matter where you are in the world, it’s important to consider the health of our greatest resource.

That’s why getting others involved in a community cleanup project can be an excellent way to revamp your neighborhood and help improve the state of our oceans.

This June, Blue Verve is hosting a neighborhood cleanup in Boulder, Colorado where we will focus on removing invasive litter from Boulder Creek. Blue Verve has hosted community cleanup projects before, reminding us that one of the best ways to spread awareness is through action.

Learn more about why you should help your community, how you can get involved in the Boulder cleanup event on June 3rd, 2022 (and get a $10 gift card from our partners at Sherpani), and how you can host your own community cleanup projects in your area!

The Benefits of Cleaning Up Your Community

Getting your community members involved in cleaning up your neighborhood and local waterways ignites action and can inspire others to take charge where they live.

A cleanup project can be a great way to spread awareness in your community and lay the groundwork for future efforts. And by bringing together folks in this mission, you can help create a sense of responsibility and pride in keeping your homes and shared spaces free of waste.

The visible results of your work can also lead to heightened interest in your neighborhood, leading to more community clean-up project ideas.

All environmental organizations start somewhere — even if you begin with a few people you’re still making a huge impact on the ongoing efforts of cleaning the ocean and its connecting waterways.


How You Can Help in Boulder

Boulder Creek is a recreational haven for many joggers, cyclists, fishermen, and kayakers.

And while Boulder is a leader in the state for recycling efforts, you can still do your part in freeing the area of litter that doesn’t make it into the right receptacle.

The cleanup event on June 3rd, 2022 will be from 1-3 pm. This is a casual get-together where you can meet new people while you help clean up our natural spaces!

You’ll meet the clean-up crew at the Millennium Hotel for tools and instructions.

Before you arrive, you can prepare by bringing:

  • Sturdy gloves
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • A reusable water bottle with water!
  • Snacks
  • Hand sanitizer

There’s also an app called Marine Debris Tracker that you can download ahead of time!

Once you create an account (just a username and password), you can choose “select an organization,” and search for Blue Verve Project. You can then track and see how many pieces of trash are picked up by the end of the community cleanup event.

Logging during the cleanup isn’t a requirement, just an interesting way to see your impact! You can also use this app outside of any official cleanup event.

Organize a Cleanup Event in Your Community!

It’s up to us to make positive changes for our planet. And while there’s far more trash in the ocean than we can pick up, hosting events in your community is a wonderful way to empower one another and to take ownership over solutions in ocean clean-up.

A great place to start is by reaching out to the Parks department of your local government. Just search your city and “Parks department” to find out who’s running the parks nearby. You can discuss your goals and the needs of your area with a Parks representative and create an action plan.

When you’re ready to take charge of the impact of trash and waste in your neighborhood, Blue Verve can also help you organize your community cleanup project ideas.

If you need a little inspiration, no worries! You can support our mission of finding sustainable solutions to ocean pollution — all you have to do it get in touch with us to learn more.

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